THN Weekly Roundup — 10 Most Important Stories You Shouldn’t Miss


THN Weekly Roundup — 10 Most Important Stories You Shouldn’t Miss

Stories – Here we are with our weekly roundup, briefing this week’s top cyber security threats, incidents and challenges.

This week has been very short with big news from shutting down of two of the largest Dark Web marketplaces and theft of millions of dollars in the popular Ethereum cryptocurrency to the discovery of new Linux malware leveraging SambaCry exploit.

We are here with the outline of this week’s stories, just in case you missed any of them. We recommend you read the entire thing (just click ‘Read More’ because there’s some valuable advice in there as well).

Here’s the list of this Week’s Top Stories:

1. Feds Shuts Down AlphaBay and Hansa Dark Web Markets — Dream Market Under Suspicion

On Thursday, Europol announced that the authorities had shut down two of the largest criminal Dark Web markets — AlphaBay and Hansa — in what’s being called the largest-ever international operation against the dark web’s black market conducted by the FBI, DEA and Dutch National Police.

Interestingly, the federal authorities shut down AlphaBay, but before taking down Hansa market, they took control of the Dark Web market and kept it running for at least a month in an effort to monitor the activities of its visitors, including a massive flood of Alphabay refugees.


After the shutdown of both AlphaBay and Hansa, Dream Market has emerged as the leading player, which has been in business since 2013, but it has now been speculated by many dark web users that Dream Market is also under police control.

For detailed information — Read more.

2. New Ransomware Threatens to Send Your Internet History to All Your Friends

After WannaCry and Petya ransomware outbreaks, a new strain of ransomware has been making the rounds on the Google Play Store in bogus apps, which targets Android mobile phone users.

Dubbed LeakerLocker, instead of encrypting files on your device, this Android ransomware secretly collects personal images, messages and browsing history and then threatens to share them with your contacts if you don’t pay $50 (£38).

3. New CIA Leaks — Smartphone Hacking and Malware Development


WikiLeaks last week published the 16th batch of its ongoing Vault 7 leak, revealing the CIA’s Highrise Project that allowed the spying agency to stealthy collect and forwards stolen data from compromised smartphones to its server through SMS messages.

This week, the whistleblowing organisation revealed about a CIA contractor — Raytheon Blackbird Technologies — who was responsible for analysing advanced malware and hacking techniques being used in the wild by cyber criminals.

For more detailed information on Highrise Project and its contractor Raytheon Blackbird Technologies .

4. Three Back-to-Back Multi-Million Dollar Ethereum Heist in 20 Days

This week, an unknown hacker stole nearly $32 Million worth of Ethereum – one of the most popular and increasingly valuable cryptocurrencies – from wallet accounts linked to at least three companies by exploiting a critical vulnerability in Parity’s Ethereum Wallet software.

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